Free-to-Play Apps in Thailand - Have Fun and Win Big Cash Rewards

Here at Auction House we value games and apps that deliver return on investment. In many cases, that investment comes in the form of money, and the return is simply entertainment. In this case, I'd like to focus on a particularly rewarding niche in video games: free-to-play apps that actually allow you to make money, if you play them right.

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Summoner's War (iOS and Android)

The best thing about any free-to-play game is there is never a risk of trying. In this case, the payoff could be massive! Summoner's War is the hottest trending game in its category right now. The basic concept is monster training, but it takes it to a unique approach. You might even win in their tournaments, raffles and more that their extensive community participates in! Why not try it out?

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TASO16 Football

Another game that is quickly gaining traction is TASO16, a full 3D mobile football game that is making waves in Thailand. It's free and they have tournament style competitions just like Summoner's War! Check it out today.

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Pop Pop Rush

Not quite the same as the others on the list, but simple competitions from this game can lead to fun times and big rewards.

There you have it, with a competitive spirit and the willingness to train there is a lot of reward to be had from free-to-play apps. Try some out today.

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